Beauty Experts Lashes

  • 100% Siberian mink hair lashes provide the most natural look. Currently, there is nothing better quality-wise on the market than mink lashes. When you think of celebrity false eyelashes, it’s mink lashes they are wearing.
  • Siberian mink lashes are the lightest and thinnest and offer supreme smoothness, softness, fluttery curl and rich black color.
  • Our lashes can be re-used up to 10 times if taken care of properly, which is easy to do with our beautiful boxes ensuring long-lasting quality and durability.
  • Our attractive package has been exclusively designed by the Beauty Experts team providing a beautiful gift idea and a travel-friendly format with our compact and reusable high-quality box.
  • No artificial treatments or dyes have been used, so you’re getting naturally-sterilized black eyelashes that are suitable even for the most sensitive eyes.
  • Exclusively designed by the Beauty Experts – with our 18-year experience in make-up and aesthetics industry, we have seen and tried all types of lashes – these are truly the best ones we’ve ever worked with.
  • The four styles we carry (Be Sexy; Be Sensual; Be Glamorous; Be Fierce) guarantee our clients will find the right lashes for their face and occasion. Because our lashes are 100% handmade, with slight variation in length, spacing and curl, each pair is unique.
  • The high quality of the lashes makes their application very easy, with no need to use eyelash curlers. Our lashes are hand-curled and ready to wear.
  • The mink hairs are harvested gently and cruelty-free by brushing from actual minks and thoroughly sanitized.